Pi Shawl

This is the completely circular shawl I knit in February. I knit it for my hubby’s best friend’s fiancee – – for their wedding. Because they were getting married on Pi Day. So what is Pi Day without a Pi Shawl?

And I absolutely adore it for two reasons:

1. Magic Loop is my friend, but sometimes it still leaves a small hole when you’re working with circular objects. So for this shawl- I crocheted a chain and joined it, and then picked up stitches around the edge, so there would not be any hole in the middle. It is the very first time I have succeeded in crocheting ANYTHING (I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around crocheting), and I felt like keeping it just so I could go up to strangers on the street, point to the perfect center, and say “LOOK!!! I did that!!!!”.

2. This is the first shawl I have EVER done, and until I finish my FIL’s blanket- it is the largest project I have ever completed. I had to block it on my bed, it was sooo big. And it’s perfect. Well- not exactly. I see the two spots where I did an increase on every row, instead of every OTHER row; but really- I’m the only one who will spot that, so I can live with it.

And that makes it perfect.