(Or comfortably well-off). Why? So I can open my own yarn shop.

There are currently only two dedicated yarn shops in/around Nashville- Haus of Yarn (http://www.hausofyarn.com/), and Bliss (http://www.blissyarns.com/). We do have a few mixed media shops that house yarn – Textile Fabrics (http://www.textilefabricstore.com/public_html/) and The Stitchin’ Post (http://www.stitchinpostnashville.com/). ALTHOUGH the Stitchin Post is liquidating their yarn/knitting/crocheting supplies, so go get them while they last!

But I have always felt that a proper (and by proper- I mean you NEVER WANT TO LEAVE) knit shop needs to have four parts. It needs to be one part yarn shop, so you can come and feel up all the gorgeous yarns/needles/notions. It needs to be one part instruction- a dedicated class space to comfortably hold up to 12 students. Maybe two class spaces… I’m still iffy on whether more is better. It needs to be one part bookstore, so you can see all the cool knitting/crocheting/spinning books, and hopefully go home with lots of them. And lastly- it needs to be one part CAFE. Seriously. A small coffee/tea bar, with baked goodies? Every knit shop needs one. And for those of you who just gasped in horror- you know you eat/drink/drool all over your yarn stash at home. That’s why most of you block- to get the crumbs out. Well- you have your yarn on one side, and the cafe could be on the OTHER side, near the classroom(s). YARN/BOOKSTORE – REGISTER – CLASS – CAFE. This way there is no danger of someone spilling coffee on the store stock. You buy your yarn, and then you buy your goodies. Then you sit in the comfy chairs near the cafe part and knit crumbs into your new yarn. Doesn’t that sound devine?